Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Venom Guard Project Log

So for the past 2 1/2 years, the entirety of the time that I've been into WH40K, my army has been the Chaos Space Marines, with a brief fling with the Eldar and now an experiment with the Blood Angels. However, the whole time, the good ole CSM have been my steady primary force.

Here is the first part of the Project Log for my CSM army, the Venom Guard. As of now here are all of my completed models:

The Wrathful - Lord of the Venom Guard

The Champion

Grathagullok - Defiler

Squad Bravvick - Berserkers

Squad Paelleoth - Berserkers

Squad Finarius - Chaos Space Marines

Squad Hektar - Chaos Space Marines

Squad Phagram - Plague Marines

Squad Zecharias - Raptors

Squad Anderan - Raptors

Cult of Heziriah - Obliterators

Vindicator and Rhinos

(Note: the random Black Legion rhino was the first I painted back in '08, and it took me so long that when I switched from the Black Legion to my own custom army I didn't want to strip it... so it remains)

As a colour-blind person, I'm fairly happy with how everything has turned out. As a non-colourblind reader, hopefully you will be too.

The general paint scheme has been:
Lower legs - Scorpion Green
Upper legs/chest/arms/helm - Goblin Green (or dependent upon Chaos God, i.e. red for berserkers)
Trim - Tin Bitz
Other highlights done in either mithril silver, boltgun metal, etc.
The very liberal application of Devlan Mud in most cases, and Badab Black in limited, gives the dirty-appearance to the armour.

The one thing I'm not happy with after finishing the last 3 plague marines a year after the others is the flesh tones on the green-stuff. I'll have to probably repaint these to give them a better look.

Things left to paint:
11x Terminators (I've had these forever, am finishing simply out of principal)
1x Land Raider (same as the termies)
9x Thousand Sons
8x Noise Marines (had to custom-build the sonic blasters - so stupid the box only comes with one)
1x Dreadnought
1x Rhino
1x Defiler

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